Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group dl-3-butylphthalide Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Looking to the future and grace will Pu company will continue adhering to the CSPC good medicine, China "the enterprise idea, is committed to the cause of human health, to more, newer, more good
Drugs contributing to society, to the CSPC construction become the domestic first-class, international pharmaceutical industry 30 strong modern large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises and with their power.
Company was founded in 2003, the production area is located in Shijiazhuang economic and Technological Development Zone, covers an area of 150 acres, construction area of 30 thousand square meters, has a universal raw material medicine, soft capsule, injection, and other production lines. All production areas by the famous Medicines Co in the United States by the requirements of the United States FDA design, and was included in the national high-tech industrialization demonstration project and the focus of the project in Hebei province.
Company's main variety En will P R & D project has been included in the National Natural Science Fund project, 1035 project, the National 863 program, "Eighth Five Year Plan" and "Ninth Five Year" National Science and technology key project, "15" innovation and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, a major science and technology projects, "Eleventh Five Year" major scientific and technological support to the project and the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" major science and technology projects. 2010, en Pu injection was rated as China's "ten new varieties of prescription drugs," the first. EN PU products have also been included in the "national health insurance directory", "the army's reasonable medical drug catalog", "China's acute ischemic stroke treatment guidelines 2010". Grace is surely Pu company currently has 20 national invention patent and 8 PCT patent and protected in dozens of countries and regions in the world, the company also successfully patent technology licensing Europe and the United States, South Korea and other markets, become China the first to patent license will drug the launch of the country's advanced representative.
EN Pu soft capsule and injection can be applied to the improvement of neurological deficits in patients with acute ischemic stroke. This product has a unique dual mechanism: the reconstruction of microcirculation, the protection of mitochondria. The experiment proved that the use of Tu Pu injection for 14 days, continue to take the soft capsule to 90 days, effectively reduce the disability, so that patients with greater benefit.
At present, the promotion of publicity: "reconstruction of the brain blood circulation to win the first time", and "reconstruction of the brain blood circulation protection of mitochondria", the two slogans.



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    Dl-3-butylphthalide (Butylphthalide Soft Capsules)[functional indications]:Various pathological processes for the treatme

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    Butylphthalide Soft Capsules Package InsertPlease read the package insert carefully and please use the medicine und